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Clean Code

An illustration of a computer keyboard. Applying best practices and modern software design principles to construct and maintain sustainable projects.

PSR-12: Extended Coding Style


An illustration of a server. Operating Debian Linux servers since 2004.

Composing environments through Docker.


An illustration of a chart on a screen. From continous integration to smart monitorings that watch the integrity of your system.

~$ git init project/
An illustration, showing a guy who is thinking about programing.


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Keeping applications safe, stable and integral.


An illustration of a shopping cart. Experienced in technical concerns regarding product sales.
Including API integration, KPI tracking, data privacy, fulfilment, reportings, ...


An illustration of searching the www. Implementing semantic structures and best practice mechanics that allow modern search engines to get the best understanding of your content.


An illustration of: planning and architecture Security reviews and implementations according but not limited to OWASP security advices.

Tech Stack